Second Quality Fiesta – What Does It Mean?

Fiesta second

Fiesta Second

If you”re bargain hunting for retired Fiesta on eBay or making a pilgrimage to the Everything Fiesta factory Outlet in the Flatwoods Factory Outlet stores in West Virginia, you will undoubtedly come across something known as “second quality” Fiesta. You”ll notice that second quality Fiestaware comes at a significant price discount – but what is second quality Fiestaware?

What is Second Quality Fiesta?

In general terms, second quality Fiestaware is Fiesta that was produced in the factory but isn”t quite perfect. That”s a pretty vague description, we know, so it”s important to take a look at the Fiesta and find out what makes it not quite up to snuff. It may be a flaw, a scratch, a slight discoloration or a bump or bubble in the glaze. Sometimes, you can”t even tell what”s wrong with it, which makes it an excellent buy. We”re desperately curious as to how Homer Laughlin decides what”s first quality and what”s second quality fiesta, so we”ve gone ahead and asked them. We”ll let you know as soon as they get back to us!

Second Quality Fiesta vs. New Fiesta

Buyer beware – eBay sellers often advertise vintage, rare and discontinued Fiesta as “new Fiesta” even if it”s second quality Fiestaware. Technically, this is correct. Second quality Fiesta is not pre-owned – it goes straight from the factory to the seller. However, new does not necessarily mean pristine and perfect. Even a rare piece of vintage collectible Fiesta won”t get as high a price tag when it”s second quality. When buying Fiesta that is second quality from a flea market or eBay seller, make sure you find out exactly what”s wrong with it. If possible, hold it in your hands and examine it carefully. If not, ask for detailed pictures from all sides and close ups of the flaws. We”re not saying that second quality Fiesta isn”t worth your money. For everyday use, nothing beats second quality Fiestaware in value. A tiny, nearly imperceptible blip on the bottom or inside won”t make the piece any less beautiful of functional in the home.

We”ve even gone to the outlet and bought Fiesta that was in the second quality bin and for the life of us, we couldn”t figure out what was wrong -well on a nearly perfect piece of Fiesta. But if you”re a hardcore collector, be very wary of second quality Fiesta advertised as flawless or brand new. It”s a common swindle and a huge frustration. Stay tuned – we”ll post an update when we hear back from Homer Laughlin on their second quality standards. Meanwhile, we want to give a big shout out to – an eBay user with a Fiestware store who posted a helpful guide on second quality Fiesta. Check out what ebay offers – looks like they have some great deals.

  • Susan Brown says:

    Where can I buy seconds?

  • dishopper says:

    I have repeatedly got 2nd Quality Fiestaware (sold as new) from Macy’s and Bed Bath & Beyond. Which made it necessary to Return & Reorder numerous times to get several color & shape sets of (14). So much work!

    Purchases are 2019 – 2022. I had a bit better luck ordering directly from Fiestaware’s Website – But I still received some items with glaze pits & black spots which is an ongoing Fiestaware issue.

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