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fiesta relish tray

fiesta relish tray

Many recognize Fiestaware by its brilliant colors and classic designs. Many fail to realize that Fiestaware is actually classic American dinnerware created during the Great Depression. Fiestaware was first designed in 1936 by Frederick Hurten Rhead and was sold by the Homer Laughlin China Company. The line of plates, bowls, ice pitchers, and salt an pepper shakers began in just five colors: the infamous Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Old Ivory. Turquoise joined the family a year later in 1937.

Decades later, Fiestaware still sells strong, and now offers over 39 different colors, including Lilac, Evergreen, Tangerine, Sapphire, and Lemongrass. A bridal registry favorite, Fiestaware can be found at major department stores across the United States. Additionally, many online dinnerware retailers offer Fiestaware at a discount. Multiple coupon codes can be found online that provide discounts at major retailers and at specialty stores and websites. Or, one can choose to go directly to the source and buy Fiestaware at a discount on HomerLaughlin.com through the outlet store. Holiday pieces can also be purchased through Homer Laughlin.

If a mug or bowl breaks, miscellaneous online retailers may be able to replace the particular piece in that color. If that fails, Homer Laughlin.com offers a portal for replacement pieces as well as a store to buy dinner sets that are no longer in production.

Fiestaware makes a great gift for newlywed couples to start their china collection, or as an accessory for a newly redesigned kitchen. With many colors and designs available, anyone will be able to find Fiestaware that matches their taste.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.comFiestaware: An American Dinnerware Classic

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