History of Fiestaware

History of Fiestaware

In 1936, the Homer Laughlin China Company (HLC) of Newell, West Virginia introduced a line of dinnerware called Fiestaware at the Pottery and Glass show in Pittsburg. The man who designed it was an Englishman, Frederick Hurton Rhead a Stoke-on-Trent potter. It was modern art deco in design and showcased vivid colors. The concentric narrowing circles were a distinguishing trademark. Originally, Fiestaware was available in five colors, red, ivory, cobalt blue, yellow, and green. The a sixth color, turquoise, was added in 1937. Originally all the colors sold for the same price, but in the May of 1937 advertisment, the red items were priced higher.

1936: The Original 34 Fiestaware Pieces:

Coffeepot, demitasse pot, large,teapot, carafe, ice pitcher, stick handled creamer, bud vase, tripod candle holders, bulb candle holders, salt and pepper shakers, sweet compote, 15″ chop plate, 13″ chop plate,12″ divided plate, 10″ divided plate, 10″ dinner plate, 9″ dinner plate, 7″ dinner plate, 6″ dinner plate, teacup and saucer, demitasse cups and saucers, 6″ dessert plate, 5″ fruit bowl, ashtray, footed salad bowl, set of 7 mixing bowls, covered casserole, cream soup bowl, covered onion soup bowl, relish tray, 12″ comport, nappy 9 1/2″, nappy 8 1/2″.

1937: The 12″ compartment plate was dropped first. Turquoise was added, then near the end of 1937 the covered onion soup bowl was also dropped.

1938-1940: A Few More Pieces Were Added

Added in the late 1930’s: sauce boat, egg cups, deep plates,Tom and Jerry mugs,covered casseroles, mustards, marmalades, 2 pint jugs, utility trays,11″ fruit bowls, 12″ oval platters, 8″ vase, 10″ vase, 12″ vase, bowl lids, 60 oz disc water pitcher, ring handled creamer.

In the fall of 1939 the stick handled creamer was replaced with the regular ring handled version

1940’s:The Fiesta Juice Set Promotion – a 7 piece Juice Set. The set consisted of a 30-oz. disc jug in Fiesta yellow, and six tumblers, one each in turquoise,blue,red.green,yellow, and ivory.

1942: The tripod candle holders, stick handled demitasse coffeepot, and the 10″ and 12″ vases were dropped.

1943-1959:Red is discontinued. The footed salad bowl, the 11 1/2 fruit bowl, the bud vase , bulb candle holders, carafe, 12″ compote, sweets compote, marmalade and mustard, ice pitcher, 9 1/2″ nappy, relish tray (retired 1946), large teapot, 10oz. tumbler, the utility tray, and the 8″ vase, were dropped from the line.

1950’s: In 1951 Cobalt, green and ivory were discontinued. New colors were added, forest green, chartreuse, rose and gray.

1952: The 7-piece juice set was re-released with the pitcher in gray and tumblers in dark green, chartreuse, and Harlequin yellow. Rose tumblers were also included in some sets.

1959: Red returned to the line and medium green, the eleventh color, was introduced.

1960’s:Homer Laughlin Fiestaware dropped the 6″ dessert bowl, but then left everything else the same until they totally restyled their line in 1969, putting out Ironstone. They kept the original red going, but cut the production down to 19 pieces.

In 1969 the entire line was restyled making the few last pieces around in medium green much more scarce than most other fiestaware. Fiestaware put out an individual salad bowl in Red, Medium Green, Yellow and Turquoise.

1970-1972: Fiesta Ironstone had three colors: antique gold, turf green and mango red.

1973: Fiesta dinnerware was reintroduced in 1986 to celebrate its 50th anniversary, with many new pieces.

1986-Present New Fiestaware colors (1986-present) are: Cobalt, Rose, White, Black, Turquoise, Yellow, Periwinkle Blue, Seamist green, lilac, Persimmon, Sapphire, Chartreuse, Pearl gray,juniper, Cinnabar (2000) and Sunflower (2001), Plum Purple (2002),Shamrock (2003), Scarlet (2004), and evergreen.


12″Compartment (divided) plate,Covered Onion Soup Bowl,Stick Handled Creamer,Tripod Candle Holders,Demitasse Coffee Pot,12″ Vases,Red everything,from 1943-1959),Footed Salad Bowl,11 1/2″ Fruit Bowl,Bud Vase,Bulb Candle Holders Carafe,12″ Compote,Sweets Compote, Marmalade,Mustard, Ice Pitcher, 9 1/2″ Nappy, Relish Tray,Large Teapot,10oz. Tumbler Utility Tray 8″, 15″ Chop Plate, Demitasse Cups and saucers, Coffeepot,10 1/2″ Divided Plate, Cream Soup, Egg Cup, 4 3/4″ Fruit Bowl,2 Pint Jug

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