Retired Fiesta – Pearl Gray

Fiesta Pearl Gray

Pearl Gray

This week, we”re featuring a piece of retired Fiesta on sale on Ebay. We were going to save Pearl Gray for later, but we noticed that there”s only one deal left: a set of four salad plates. Note: The Eay display is a little funky. You have to click through and then choose the Pearl Gray option to see the real pricing, which last time we checked was about $50.

Pearl Gray Fiesta first hit the scene in 1999 and only mingled at the party for two years. As of 2001, Homer Laughlin discontinued Pearl Gray Fiesta, making it a valuable collector”s item and a must have for any Fiestaware fan. This was part of only 1000 were made of certain Pearl Gray items. There really isn”t much comparable to Pearl Gray in today”s color. Juniper, which was also released in 1999 and is now discontinued, is a deeper, grayish blue while Fiesta White (still in production) is a more pure white. Pearl gray is a sort of intermediate between Fiesta White, Fiesta Ivory and Fiesta Juniper. It is lighter than the newly released Slate.

If you”re looking to round out your collection of Fiesta Pearl Gray, there are some items on sale on eBay. Most of these range from creamers, milk jugs and smaller plates. The biggest ticket item is a Fiesta Gray vase for $139 (ending 2 weeks from today) and the best deal is a creamer for about $4. The Pearl Gray pieces are certainly rare – finding them on Amazon is a stroke of luck. Get it now!