Fiesta Relish Trays

fiesta relish tray

fiesta relish tray

There are several variations of relish tray colors out there. My favorite is a red bottom and with the other original colors as sections.

The relish trays, also called entertainment sets, are made from five individual sections which fit into the base of the relish tray.  There is another relish tray, a smaller flat single space tray that comes in contemporary colors.

The colors in the relish tray make a big difference in the selling price. Red and cobalt are the most desirable base colors, and the more sections present in these colors, the higher the price usually received. The inter round center piece is said to be often mistaken for a coaster.

If you have a relish tray, but parts of it are damaged, consider selling it as separate pieces or buying replacement pieces. There are also several replacement pieces available for sale. Be sure to check the condition of the pieces you are buying. Also check Ebay and see what the going prices have been lately for the pieces you are considering buying. Prices vary a lot depending on colors, especially the color of the base.  If you have a relish tray with a red base, like ours shown above, it is usually the most valuable.

Production of relish trays began in late 1935 and was discontinued in late 1946. Of course the red was discontinued in 1944 when all the other red was halted. They were made is Red, Turquoise, Ivory, Yellow, Green, and Cobalt.

We have a multi-colored relish tray in all the original colors and we have seen these multi-colored trays in several versions of colors and we know that this relish tray is completely original.

Just FYI – if you have a turquiose bottom, (pie plate) and it doesn’t say “fiesta” and it has three rings on the rim, then it isn’t Fiesta, it is Harlequin.

The oldest tray inserts were made by slip casting and have smooth rounded edges. The other inserts were made on a press and are a little taller than the first ones made. The two different types of inserts may not fit together and even the slip cased ones are not all the same and may not fit together, so if you are trying to put together a multi-colored set or need to replace a broken insert, be sure to look closely and know what you need and what you are buying.

We made a video of this plate if you are looking for more Fiesta relish tray information.

  • Mike says:

    Can you help me? I have the more modern entertainment set on a 12” flat, pizza plate. What is the center bowl for dips? I have a salsa bowl and a ramekin but neither fits. I need to buy this piece to complete the set!

  • Paula Omlor says:

    I have a new relish set I want to use, which plate fits under it?

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