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Homer Laughlin Bowl Spinning Video

When you picture Fiesta bowls you probably think about the cereal bowls in bright colors stacked up.  Maybe you think about the fruit bowls or larger bowls.  Have you ever thought about what they look like before they have been given their color?  Have you pictured them ever before they were fired in the kiln?  […]


Homer Laughlin Dishes

Discount Homer Laughlin dishes  make a great gift for Christmas, birthdays or any holiday. Because discount Fiestaware is affordable and aesthetically pleasing, many couples choose to register for Fiestaware for their wedding instead of traditional dinnerware. Discount Homer Laughlin dishes are easy to replace, as their style has remained constant throughout the decades. Mixing and […]


Paprika Christmas Ornaments

For those of you who were excited for the release of Paprika Fiestaware back in June 2010, there”s more good news: Paprika Fiesta Ornaments are now on sale. According to the email we received from Homer Laughlin, the 2010 Paprika Fiesta Ornaments are $13.99 and have the gold embossed Fiesta lady on it. In other […]


Homer Laughlin China Dinnerware

Fiesta Dinnerware was designed by Frederick Hurten Rhead in 1936 and is now among the most collected china products in the world. As originally designed, the line featured art deco styling and bold, bright colors. The product was discontinued in 1973 and reissued in 1986 with new contemporary colors to mark its 50th anniversary. Fiesta […]


Fiesta Markings: Dating Your Vintage Fiestaware

Have you ever sorted through your cabinet of Fiestaware and wonder: “How old is this Fiestaware? How much is this Fiestaware worth? How can I tell if my Fiestaware is old or vintage Fiestaware?” The answer to those questions is neither simple nor definitive. There are dozens of markings on Fiestaware and they are often […]


Fiesta Lemongrass Color

Do you have any pieces in the Fiesta® color lemongrass bright yellow? This color was available to pre-order on June 1, 2009 and started shipping early July 2009. The initial spring run of Lemongrass pieces included 4pc and 5pc place settings, dinner plates, salad plates, soup or cereal bowls, mugs, fruit dishes, luncheon plates, a […]