Fiesta® Teacups and Saucers

Fiesta mugs

Fiesta mugs

Teacups ans saucers have been in the FIESTA® line for 33 years, so we all have a few. If you don’t, they are easy to find and fairly inexpensive.

There are three different variations. The first variation are cups made from 1936 to 1937. The cups have a flat inner bottom and rings inside the rim. The eariest saucers have five rings around the base or foot. Neither piece is marked.

The second variation spans 1937 to the 1960’s. Cups made after 1937 have a rounded inner bottom, inner rim rings. Most were not marked, but some rare ones where. The saucers have a single wide rim and a “Genuine Fiesta”stamp.

The third version, in the 1960’s, was a slightly enlarged cup. The turned foot and rings inside the rim were removed. The newest saucers were slightly deeper and have a double band of rings under the rim. The “Genuine Fiesta” stamp was continued. Later in the 1960’s the new C-type handles replaced the ring handles. The post 1986 cups and saucers were made in all the colors of the time.

The original colors were Cobalt Blue, Ivory, Light Green, Red, Turquoise, and Yellow. Red was discontinued in 1944 and resumed in 1959. The 1950’s colors were Medium Green, Rose, Gray, Forest Green, and Chartreuse. Medium Green is the hardest color to find, thus the most expensive. The 1950’s colors usually bring more at auction than the original colors.

If you count the demitasse cups and saucers which were first put out in 1935 and made for 23 years, this would be 4 types.  There are actually others like mugs, goblets, tumblers, and the line blurs with all these types of items to drink out of.  Vintage demitasse cups have a raised foot and was hand turned.  The demitasse cups after 1986 doesn’t have the hand turned raised foot.  They are all machine made which made production much quicker and less expensive.  If you can find a demitasse cup and saucer in lilac, you have found the most sought after, higher priced version. The one in the picture is listed for $125.

  • FiestaFan says:

    Hi, If you will take good pictures and post them on Fiesta Fanatics Facebook page someone will give you the information. Thank you.

  • Jerry says:

    I have a pair of original Rose salt and pepper shakers of a design I have never seen and they are not marked which I understand is not unusual as there was no room for a stamp on the bottom of some of them. Where might I be able to find something out about these?

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