Homer Laughlin Dishes Back Stamp Video

There have been several versions of the Homer Laughlin Fiesta back stamp. Have you ever wondered how they put the stamp on the back. At what point in the creation process do they put the stamp on the back? This video is from a Fiesta lover that went on a tour of the Homer Laughlin plant and what how they make the dishes and how they put the stamp on the back of the pieces.

From Derik J Green on Youtube: We recently toured the Homer Laughlin China Co. in Newell, WV, where they manufacture Fiesta dishes, among many other lines. It was pretty interesting to see. In this video clip, the plates come off the conveyor, the vacuum hose puts the plate in place, it gets back-stamped on the bottom of the plate, and the vacuum then lifts the plate away and into a pile before the process starts again.