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Harlequin By Homer Laughlin 1940-1979

Harlequin by Homer Laughlin 1940 -1979 continues a previous post about the history of Harlequin.  We are up to talking about the 1940’s. In the forties, there were several new colors added. They were tangerine, rose, turquoise, and light green. Light green is fairly rare. There was another color reported, a Salmon color. Rose probably […]


Harlequin By Homer Laughlin 1938 – 1940

Harlequin Rose Dish[/caption]While hunting Fiestaware, have you run across some Harlequin? While not officially “Fiesta”, Harlequin was another line of dinnerware from the Homer Laughlin Company. Harlequin was produced as a less expensive dinnerware and sold through the F. W. Woolworth Company exclusively. Harlequin does NOT have the “Fiesta” trademark on the bottom. Designed by […]