Fiestaware Savings: The Four Piece Place Setting is Totally Worth It

Fiesta dinner setting

Four piece setting

Wondering whether it”s more economical to get the four piece Fiesta setting or to buy Fiestaware individually? We did some math and found that you wind up saving about $49 dollars when you buy four 4-piece place settings with the deals we found online. That”s basically like a buy one get one free deal with Fiesta. Here”s how we figure.

What”s in a four piece setting?

The four piece place setting comes with some Fiesta pieces that you can get individually. On their own, this is how they are priced on average:

  • Dinner plate – $10.99
  • Medium bowl – $7.49
  • Mug – $8.49
  • Salad plate – $7.49

That”s a total of about $34.50. Meanwhile, a four piece setting online is usually around $26. But… you can get coupons, which means even more savings. Right now on a popular site selling Fiesta, a four-piece set in Plum is running $32.99. Just a Plum dinner plate is $10.99. Four luncheon plates are $43.99 (more than $10 each). Bowl are about $5.99 and mugs about $9.99. Plus your shipping for each piece would be higher that all of them packaged in one box.

Online Coupons for Fiestaware

We”ve found some really killer coupons for Fiestaware on They range from $15 off a $100 order to $40 off a $300 order and they make sense, especially when seeding a Fiesta collection. You can get four different place settings to get yourself into the $15 off range and you”ll have four different colors to mix and match and enough dishes to entertain a couple of friends. You can see all the coupons below – click on them and you”ll be brought to with the discount already applied to whatever you add to your cart on that visit.

Total Savings for a 4-Piece Fiesta Setting with Coupons

So, individually and without coupons, you get $34.50 x 4 = $138. With coupons and buying 4-pieces, you got $26 x 4 – $15 = $89.

$138 – $89 = $49 in savings.

You”re virtually getting two sets of Fiesta for free by applying coupons and getting the four piece setting, rather than buying them individually. The only way we”ve found to get a better deal is to get the scratch and dent or second quality from the Fiesta outlet in West Virginia. The other place for great deals on Fiesta is Ebay. Ebay still has great dealers and there are refund policies in place to make sure you are happy with your purchase and shipping.