Fiestaware Pricing

Fiestaware Pricing

Fiestaware pricing, especially with vintage Fiestaware can be difficult to determine. We suggest a multi-faceted approach of determining price. Fiestaware pricing can be checked at our suggested websites, looked up in our suggested books, and by reading our Fiestaware Pricing and Fiestaware Identification pages.

When establishing value, condition is everything.

Even the slightest “ding”, or “chip”, or “fleabite”, or “rub”, or “flake”, or “nick” can cut the value in half. Even surface scratches or excessive wear on what should be a smooth, clean surface may have an effect on value.

Collectors have different levels of tolerance for condition. Also, there are factory flaws that can also effect price. These factory flaws commonly include small chips around the stilt marks, drips, runs, light or bare patches in the glaze, firing cracks in the pottery, sand bumbs, glazed over chips, and glaze pops, Tolerance for factory flaws is also variable. Considerations include whether the flaw brings character to the piece, or marks it as a defect making it undesirable.

There are characteristics that mark a piece as an earlier version than the rest. Examples would be flat-bottomed cups, extra rings on mixing bowls, or even a different kind of base on a utility tray.

These and countless other variables are all things to keep in mind when establishing a value for your fiestaware.

The original colors are more valuable than newer ones, and among these original colors, medium green is the most rare and expensive. As for types of pieces, different color groups have different pieces that are more valued. For example, egg cups are particularly valuable in forest green and chartreuse ($90 to $110). In general, however, the cake plates, vases and footed salad bowls command high prices in all colors.

For a while there was purple, but it was discontinued and is now the most valuable among these newer pieces. Many uneducated (or just shady) dealers try to sell new pieces mixed in with old at old (high) prices, so it’s a good idea to learn the difference and be on guard when shopping.

Recommended Price Guide Books and Web Sites

For the best price information from Fiestaware sold on ebay, check or All you have to do is enter a product description and you will get information about starting prices, selling prices, and much more information.

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It is important to stay on top of the current prices. We recommend the following books. Please buy through our link.


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