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Fiesta Fans, you have found your home. After several problems with the other site, we have created a new, more exciting and easy to use Fiesta Collectors Corner for you. If you weren’t a regular at the other site, then thank you for joining us as we talk and learn about Fiestaware and share our questions and comments.Are you a fiestaware fanatic? In your search to find fiestaware at wholesale prices, you have come to the right place, as in place setting. A bountiful buffet of fiesta dinnerware awaits you.

Fiesta dinner ware was first introduced by the Homer Laughlin Company in 1936. Since then, the enthusiasm to buy fiestaware has grown every year. Collectible fiestaware attracts those that appreciate both its fine art form and everyday functionality. Fiestaware colors serve up pieces of history sure to satisfy on any menu.

Some fiesta collectors look for older vintage fiesta in the classic colors, while others enjoy the newer and discontinued colors. If you are a vintage collector searching for antique fiestaware, including the original five colors, red fiestaware,deep blue fiestaware,green fiestaware,yellow fiestaware, and ivory fiestaware (the sixth color, turquoise, was added in 1937) you will find them on our vintage pages.
For decades collectors have had to scour flea markets, garage and estate sales hunting for bargains and pieces to complete their sets. However, with the advent of the internet, the ability to buy fiestaware online is a dream come true for the fiesta fanatic.

Contempory fiestaware offers an array of vivid colors and designs while keeping true to the original style.

What is your favorite color of fiestaware? Cobalt blue, shamrock,plum,rose, yellow,persimmon,periwinkle, or ivory? Maybe black or white?

Are you looking for one of the rare pieces of fiestaware? Perhaps a medium green Tom and Jerry mug, a syrup pitcher, a radioactive disc pitcher from the 40’s, tripod candle holders in one of the original six colors, or a relish tray with all six colorsEnjoy looking through the items and bookmark this site. May your fiesta fantasy come true!

Gladys and Kay

Fiestadishes.info is written by two Homer Laughlin China fans. We have been collecting Fiestaware for many years and are happy to answer your questions. If you would like to have articles included on our site, please use the contact form to send it to us.

We do not have a brick and morter store but do provide links in some articles to websites where you can purchase Fiesta dishes.

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