Retired Fiestaware: Cinnabar and Evergreen

Fiesta Retired Cinnabar Bowl

Retired Cinnabar Bowl

Fiesta Evergreen vintage

Retired Evergreen

Retired Cinnabar Spoon Rest

Retired Cinnabar Spoon Rest

Fire up your shopping carts, Fiesta collectors–with the introduction of Paprika Fiestaware, Cinnabar and Evergreen Fiestaware will enter the hallowed halls of retired Fiestaware.  Cinnabar was produced from 2000 to 2010.  Evergreen was sold 2007 to 2010. Once they are deemed retired fiestaware, they never come back.

When you see the colors listed for sale, Cinnabar is often listed as Cinnabar Burgundy or will say Retired Cinnabar Burgundy to distinguish it from the contemporary Cinnabar that is sometimes referred to as Cinnabar Scarlet.  Like the Cinnabar, there is also a contemporary Evergreen.  The newer evergreen is a little more green-blue.  Juniper is also very close to the new Evergreen color so be very careful what you are buying. The original green, also called medium green is more of a “john Deere Tractor” type green.

Here”s what fiestafactorydirect.comHomer Laughlin has to say about retired Fiestaware:

No. We’re sorry but we are unable to bring back a color if it is truly retired. Doing this would severely damage the collect ability of retired and or limited run colors. We do hold the option of creating colors in the same hues as our retired colors.

Got that? When it”s gone, it”s gone. Of course, there”s still plenty of Evergeen Fiestaware and Cinnabar Fiestaware for sale now. Cinnabar hit the shelves in 2000 and after a decade of circulation, there are quite a few still in the pipeline. But not for long! Evergreen Fiestaware, on the other hand, has only been part of the Fiesta line since 2007. A considerably shorter run, Evergreen Fiestaware will be more collectible than Cinnabar in the short run. For now, though, both Evergreen and Cinnabar Fiesta is on sale with pretty big discounts.

  • Bev gregiry says:

    I have a set of the Warner brothers set
    4 plates
    4 bowls
    ( porky pig/tweety/bugs/sylvestor)
    Where is the best place to sell them.

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