Fiestaware Casuals

Fiesta Carnation Pattern

There were two Fiestaware Casual designs introduced in June 1962. Both designs are relatively hard to find since they were discontinued around 1968.

The Hawaiian 12-Point Daisy design featured a 1/2″ turquoise band on the rim and turquoise daises with brown centers on a white background.

The second design was a Yellow Carnation which featured the yellow daisies with a touch of brown on white background and a yellow rim band. This pattern is shown below. It is no surprise to me that this was a limited run. I personally don’t like the style and color at all. Shown here it was used as a saucer with a solid color cup. It did come with a matching cup but was often used as an accent like in the photo.

With each design set, only the dinner plates, salad plates, saucers, and oval platters were decorated; the cups, nappies, sugar bowls, fruit dishes, and creamers were glazed with a matching color.

A complete set of fiestaware casuals consisted of six place settings: dinner plate, salad plate, cup and saucer, and fruit bowl.

These sets are very rare to find. You can still find pieces on Ebay and in collector’s stores online. If you are looking for a 1960’s type feel, and want to use the yellow and brown colors, these discontinued pieces might be just what you are looking for.
Fiesta Carnation Pattern
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