Homer Laughlin Dishes

Fiesta lazy susan

Discount Homer Laughlin dishes  make a great gift for Christmas, birthdays or any holiday. Because discount Fiestaware is affordable and aesthetically pleasing, many couples choose to register for Fiestaware for their wedding instead of traditional dinnerware.

Discount Homer Laughlin dishes are easy to replace, as their style has remained constant throughout the decades. Mixing and matching Fiestaware is fun and rewarding, as there is a veritable rainbow of Fiestaware colors including discontinued, limited run and holiday Fiesta. Expanding a Fiestaware collection either by buying discount Fiestaware or customer ordering Fiestaware is easy – any piece of Fiestaware from any period of any color easily integrates into any Fiestaware set.

Fiestaware is a line of colorful dinnerware designed by Frederick Hurten Rhead for the Homer Laughlin Pottery Company of Newell, West Virgina. The dinnerware is easily recognized by its bright vivid colors, concentric rings, and glazed finish.

The Homer Laughlin company itself was originally know as the Ohio Valley Pottery company and was later renamed “Laughlin Bros. Pottery.” The company’s founders – Shakespeare and Homer Loughlin – parted ways in 1879 and the company was sold to investors in 1897. It wasn’t until 1907 when the the Homer Laughlin China Company found its current home in Newell, West Virginia.

The breakthrough of Fiestaware came in 1927, when Rhead first joined the company. Rhead was a member of a distinguished family of British ceramics makers. He worked with Weller Pottery and Roseville Pottery before he developed Fiestaware for Homer Laughlin China Co. He completed his work on the Fiestaware line in 1935.

When Fiestaware was first introduced to the American public in 1936 it was only available in red, blue, green, yellow, and ivory. Turquoise was added to the color collection one year later. Together these colors are referred to as the “Original Six.”

Homer Laughlin 1940’s

In 1943 the United States government took over the control of uranium which is the key component in the bright orange red glaze used in Fiesta Red. This forced the Homer Laughlin Pottery Company to remove the original Fiesta Red from the product line until 1959 when the US released its block on uranium.

Fiesta 1950’s

During the 1950’s, while red was removed from the product line, four new colors were introduced. The colors, forest green, rose, chartreuse, and gray, are known today as the “Fifties Colors.”

Through the years other colors were produced and discontinued. Nowadays there is a high demand from collectors for the “Original 6” or “Fifties Colors.” These vintage pieces are considered extremely rare and can fetch a hefty price in antique stores and at auctions.

Fiestaware Today

Today Fiestaware is available as new in many colors like tangerine, peacock, scarlet, chocolate, and shamrock. Fiestaware dinnerware isn’t just plates and bowls. Over the years the product line has expanded to include a wide variety of items including java mugs, salt and pepper sets, covered butter dishes, tumblers, pitchers, sauce boats, and carafes.

Furthermore, Fiesta often features limited edition and holiday Fiesta sets. These are highly collectible and appreciate in value quickly if a full Fiestaware set is obtained.

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