Lemongrass Fiesta


Did you buy your Lemongrass Fiestaware? It came out in June 2009 and moved up the popularity charts rapidly. Amazon keeps track of how popular items are in each category and Lemongrass moved way ahead of Chocolate quickly.

Lemongrass Fiesta is to chartreuse as evergreen is to dark green. At some point in the future, lemongrass will no doubt confuse “colorblind” newbies. Fortunately, there are lots of resources available to help new collectors distinguish the old Fiesta from the new. Marketed as complimentary to the newer contemporary Fiesta lifestyle colors, chocolate and ivory, lemongrass appealed to buyers who appreciate Fiesta’s classic lines, but desired a more modern hue.

The lemongrass color paired up well with the chocolate Fiesta. What other colors would work with the new hues? We think classic turquoise would add a vibrant joie de vie to any table. Lemongrass and tangerine and lemongrass and cobalt blue make great pairings also.

Lemongrass is so popular now it has been applied to almost every piece of dinnerware.  It is even available as kitchen towels and bedroom pieces like comforters, drapes, sheets, and pillow covers.  Dinnerware can be purchased individually, in bistro sets of 3, dinner sets of 5, and pretty much every other piece you would put on the table or serving area.  Lemongrass is also used in Fiesta bakeware like pie pans, loaf pans, and skillets.