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Hawaaiana Ware

Hawaiiana Ware

Aloha, have you ever heard of Homer Laughlin HawaiianaWare?  Hawaiian Fiestaware, who knew? 

HawaiianaWare was introduced at the 2000 Chicago International Housewares Show. From an advertisement for HawaiianawWare, “Hawaii has always represented the ultimate island paradise, a respite from the headaches, difficulties and trival problems of everyday life.  HawaiianaWare epitomizes this world of beauty, pleasure and effortless enjoyment of life.  HawaiianaWare depicts scenes of Hawaiian pageantry created by renowned artist Eugene Savage. “ It went on to say “ Designs are available in four thematically titled place settings: Festival of the Sea, Island Feast, Aloha..Universal Word, and Pomp and Circumstance. “

Originally, HawaiianaWare started as an idea by Lynn Blocker Krantz in 1999.  She was quoted as saying “When I saw a reprint of a Savage (Eugene Savage) mural, I knew immediately I wanted to do something with his images.  This new line of dishware is the perfect marriage of vintage collectibles, putting late 1930s artwork on lat 1930s dishware”.  Eugene Savage was a sculptor and painter and known for Hawaiian murals and painted created menu covers that inspired Krantz.

The HawaiianaWare decals that were applied to the Fiesta were made in England and were a combination of eight colors.

HawaiianaWare is made from vitrified clay like the restaurant line of dishes and the post 1986 Fiestaware.  Pre 1986 Fiestaware was made from semi-vitrified clay.  Vitrified clay is usually made of feldspar, quartz, kaolin, fritt, and alumina.  It is the alumina that makes the clay so strong and chip resistant.

This 12 inch platter was selling on Ebay for $80.  It is a beautiful plate and probably wouldn’t be something you would want to eat off of.  

Hawaiian Fiestaware

Hawaiianaware plate 12 inch