Square Fiestaware

Square Fiesta plates Do you have any square fiestaware? Did you even know that there was square fiesta pieces in different colors? For some reason it seems to be much harder to find in the stores. The square pieces were introduced last October and are available in stores and are online.

Check out these cool pieces. You know that these first square fiestaware pieces are going to be instant collectors items, so get some for yourself now. How to you think they will blend with the round shapes? Anyone mixing them up and want to send us a picture? We would love to put it up.

Here is a quote from a square Fiestaware customer that bought the square plates. “I’ve collected a whole stack of these square luncheon plates in a rainbow of colors to use for our dinnerware, to replace those huge flying saucer dinner plates we were using. These plates are great, very much like the old Fiestaware plates I remember my grandparents had. I love my colorful stack of plates. This is a very versatile size for Fiesta plates. And using them as dinner plates, we don’t at all notice that they’re smaller than the flying saucers, they hold a full dinner very nicely. I’ve also collected a colorful stack of the dessert plates, too, and they’re wonderful, too. These are great plates, very attractive and up-to-date with the square shape, but with the gentle rounding, they’re not so avant garde radically square as what you get in a sushi restaurant.”   If you haven’t seen these square fiestaware dishes go to Square Fiestaware Dishes

Square dinner plate is 10 3/4″ square. Truth be known, They are kind of rounded. You can cut meat on it, but more towards the center. The food does tend to meet in the middle of the plate. I generally do not put more than a meat and one side on the plate and use the bowl for an additional side.


The square plate in mulberry is 9.25 inches and looks great.