Fiesta Limited Edition Colors

Fiesta Sapphire Vase

Fiesta Sapphire Vase

Have you been out shopping garage sales and found a piece of Fiesta that looks a little different in color? Do you think you have Fiesta in a rare color?  This is possible and if you have found one of the rare gems it can be worth quite a bit of money. Fiesta limited edition colors can be found online in specialty shops and always on ebay.

There have been five limited edition colors produced since Fiestaware was reintroduced in the Post 1986 collections. Juniper, 1999-2001, Chartreuse 1997-1999, Lilac 1993-1995, Sapphire that was only produced for Bloomingdale’s in 1997, and Marigold 2008-2012.   I don’t know how many pieces of these colors were produced, but Sapphire was only produced for 180 firing days. Marigold was produced for the 75th anniversary.

What To Look For

The limited edition Fiestaware colors were not limited because they weren’t selling well. Lilac was the number one seller in at least one large department store. Prices on the limited edition colors vary greatly. Since Lilac was the first limited edition color, it commands the highest price. After Lilac, collectors caught on to the fact that it really was a limited edition and the prices would go up, so they were ready to jump on Chartreuse. Chartreuse is still not as valuable as Lilac, in general.


Fiesta limited edition color, Sapphire, led to other exclusives by Homer Laughlin China. Bloomingdales also had exclusive rights to the millennium vase and was given the rights to be the first to sell Sunflower in 2001.
Current prices found on Ebay and other sites. Lilac sugar bowl $27-$66, Lilac 4-piece place setting $95, $50 Lilac plate, $25 Lilac luncheon plate. Sapphire Fiesta 5 piece place setting $160. Fiesta Sapphire vase $199. As you can see, these limited edition colors can be an investment, but should continue to go up in price through the years.