Fiesta® Collecting

Fiesta® collecting can be extremely fun and profitable. A long-time Fiesta® collector, Lena, has written us a great in-depth article about collecting Fiesta®. Should you collect vintage or contemporary?

From Article: “If you are new to collecting Fiesta®, made by the Homer Laughlin China Company, you may wonder whether you should start collecting the vintage Fiesta® pieces or if it would be better to buy the contemporary Fiesta® colors. What are the pros and cons of collecting vintage versus newer Fiesta®?”

Check out this great article on our site at Vintage Fiesta® versus Contemporary Fiesta®

If your going to collect Fiesta the first thing you need to learn is pre 1986 vintage Fiesta from post 1986.  You should also learn to tell the difference between Fiesta and Harlequin.  The look very similar and are often confused.  The vintage Fiesta wasn’t made in to a lot of different colors so if you learn the original colors that will help you a lot.  The next thing would be to learn to tell the different logos or what pieces didn’t have logos.  For the most part, you should see a logo on the bottom of some kind.  On small pieces like salt and pepper shakers or candle holders the logo may be embossed.   There is a coding system on the older post 1986 backstamps and it would be important to add that knowledge to your collecting experience.  There is a series of 3 small letters in the backstamp.

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