2010 Halloween Fiestaware

Fiesta halloween dishes

Fiesta halloween dishes

Happy Pumpkins” to “Halloween Night” to “Black Cat”, Fiestaware has released some great and memorable Halloween patterns. Sadly, most of those patterns were discontinued during the early 2000’s.

Fiestware’s Halloween collections were once sold by household name Betty Crocker, though this is no longer the case. While most of these patterns are now discontinued (and rare), loyal Fiestaware followers are hoping that the company will come up with a new 2010 Halloween design. Many are speculating as to what a new Halloween design will look like. Halloween Night delighted Fiestaware fans all across the world with its creative and colorful Halloween scene printed on a white background (complete with the ever-popular “Mockingbird Lane” address).

Black Cat features a mischievous orange cat face printed on a stark black background, and who can forget the famed Happy Pumpkin (a friendly jack-o-lantern face printed on a tangerine background)?

While Homer Laughlin tends to release a few older patterns (though not always on the original background) when Halloween rolls around every year, the general consensus is that it’s about time Fiestaware introduced a new Halloween pattern. There are some rumors circulating that 2010 is the year that Fiestaware plans on releasing a ghoulishly great Halloween pattern, but these rumors have not been confirmed quite yet. If the company does decide to treat Fiestaware followers to a new Halloween pattern, late summer (July) to early fall (August or September) would be the time to look for them.

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