Fiesta 5-Piece Dinnerware Place Setting in Chocolate Color

Fiesta 5-Piece Dinnerware Place Setting, ChocolateFiesta 5-Piece Place Setting. Homer Laughlin introduced the color Chocolate in October of 2008 and discontinued it in 2012 even though it was one of the most popular colors. The said when they released the Chocolate that it would be for a limited time. They released Ivory at the same time as the Chocolate. There is a Chocolate brown color for square place settings.
The set includes a dinner plate, salad plate, medium bowl, cup, and saucer, but is now out of production. These sets can sometimes be found on Ebay. The dinner plate is 10.5″ diameter and 15/16ths” depth; and the Salad bowl is 7.25″ diameter and 3/4″ depth. The Chocolate plates, like other dark colors, don’t show utensil marks as bad as the lighter colors.

Like the other Fiesta sets in recent years, they are chip resistant, dishwasher safe, and lead fee. Unlike most other 5 -piece place settings, this dinnerware set usually sells for about $200.00 in Chocolate compared to $48 in active colors. This could be an investment buy on Ebay to resell for $300 in a few years but live a little and buy some and enjoy them.