Fiesta 2-Piece Covered Butter Dish in Scarlet

Fiesta 2-Piece Covered Butter Dish, ScarletFiesta 2-Piece Covered Butter Homer Laughlin China Company. Who doesn’t love a colorful butter dish? This butter dish is worth cleaning even if you only keep the butter on it for an hour or 2. The knob on the top helps usability. This is a piece of dinnerware that can be passed on for generations.

The covered butter dish is a must have.Fiesta makes an extra large butter dish and a regular size butter dish. This extra large one is 8.1 x 5.1 x 3.2 inches. The widest part of the dish part that the butter sitss on is 3.5 inches and it is about 3 inches at the tapered ends. It is considered over sized because he plate part is wider than most butter dishes. It won’t hold two sticks of butter, or the larger rectangles that some of the European butter’s come in like Kerrygold or Plugra but if you are using regular stick butter you can put a new stick on the plate when another one is down to having 1/4 left.

The lid bows out slightly on the sides so it is a bit wider. It works for a quarter stick by but is not big enough to fit a whole pound of butter. It is best suited for a quarter pound stick and being over sized is really just for being decorative and sturdy. It is not wide enough for Philadelphia cream cheese unless the bar is cut in half. It isn’t airtight, so it will allow smells to penetrate the butter, but good luck finding a beautiful butter dish that is also airtight. Usually priced around $28-$30 new. Bargains on Ebay occasionally.