2015 Fiesta Colors Sage and Slate

Sage set

sageandslateOriginally published in 2015, sage and slate fiesta is still going strong.  Both are popular colors.  Both colors are often sold out.

Slate set

Homer Laughlin announced the release of Sage and Slate colors in October of 2014.  The good news is that there are 2 new colors, the bad news is that 2 other colors must be retired.  A longstanding tradition, Homer Laughlin typically has 15 colors in the product lineup.  The brand prides itself on staying on trend and often setting the trends in home décor each year. However, in order to introduce new colors, some colors must retire. The following colors will be retired, or officially labeled with “inactive availability” beginning March 31, 2015: Black and Peacock.

“Fiesta history has always leaned toward a bright fashionable pallet. Today’s current updates in home fashion add rich Slate grey and accents of Sage green, providing a strong balance and coordination with Fiesta’s bright color pallet. The current throwback to mid-century modern and vintage styling includes a dominating accent of bright colors combined with cool grays and greens. In todays’ fashions, these color combinations do not exist without one another,” according to Rich Brinkman, our VP of Sales and Marketing at Home Laughlin.

Sage is described as a grey-green color resembling that of dried sage leaves. Slate is a gray color with a slight azure tinge that is a representation of the average color of the material slate.  These colors will be a great accent with many of the Fiesta colors.  Like all Fiesta,  these new colors are microwave safe, oven safe, and dishwasher safe.