Fiesta Party Tray Video

fiesta lazy susan

Fiesta Lazy Susan

The Fiesta party tray can be so many different colors and can be used for so many different things it is a good piece to focus on.  Used for chips and dip, cheese, relish, olives, nuts, and much more. This video covers the identification of the base of a Fiesta party tray and some need-to-know information if you want to buy a  or think you have run across one of the parts.

The Fiesta party tray is still available.  There are new contemporary colors you can buy brand new and also vintage pieces available on Ebay.  If you have broken or lost one of the inserts, they are available on Ebay also.  There are vintage insert for $10-$15 in 2019.   Some of the party trays listed on Ebay are all one color.  I personally prefer the multi-colors.  The tray in the picture is vintage and has the radioactive red base with the cobalt blue, ivory, original yellow , and medium green inserts.

Fiesta Lazy Susan