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Newly Retired Fiestaware: Cinnabar and Evergreen

Posted on June 05, 2010 by FiestaFan

Fire up your shopping carts, Fiesta collectors--with the introduction of Paprika Fiestaware, Cinnabar and Evergreen Fiestaware will enter the hallowed halls of retired Fiestaware. And once they are retired, they never come back. Here"s what fiestafactorydirect.comHomer Laughlin has to say about retired Fiestaware:

No. We’re sorry but we are unable to bring back a color if it is truly retired. Doing this would severely damage the collect ability of retired and or limited run colors. We do hold the option of creating colors in the same hues as our retired colors.

Got that? When it"s gone, it"s gone. Of course, there"s still plenty of Evergeen Fiestaware and Cinnabar Fiestaware for sale now. Cinnabar hit the shelves in 2000 and after a decade of circulation, there are quite a few still in the pipeline. But not for long! Evergreen Fiestaware, on the other hand, has only been part of the Fiesta line since 2007. A considerably shorter run, Evergreen Fiestaware will be more collectible than Cinnabar in the short run. For now, though, both Evergreen and Cinnabar Fiesta is on sale with pretty big discounts. (We were at a one-day sale at a local Crate store and they had Evergreen Fiesta place settings for under $30.) We encourage you to pop on down to your local store to check out the Cinnabar and Evergreen deals--it won"t be long before they are extinct from retail shelves. Or, if you"re looking for a particular piece, you can check out our and pages for a roundup of some of the online vendors that carry these pieces. Amazon also has some good deals on Fiesta. In the meantime, if you have any Cinnabar or Evergreen Fiestaware pictures, we"d like to see "em. Pop on over to the Contact Us page and drop us a line.

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