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Fiesta 2-Quart Serving Bowl in Scarlet

Posted on August 31, 2014 by FiestaFan

Fiesta 2-Quart Serving Bowl, ScarletFiesta 2-Quart Serving Bowl from The Homer Laughlin China Company. A beautiful bowl that works for many foods or as a decorator accent piece. Stackable but not nesting bowls, these will make a great color accent to your table. it is not too deep, your dinner guests can see your favorite dish; because it holds two quarts, perfect for serving rice, mashed potatoes, fruit, or vegetables. The size and the depth makes it easy to transport items to and from the grill, as well as easy to serve from. In between food uses.

If you want to use them for decorating, they look nice with pine cones or large apples or oranges in them. They have been known to be used as dog food or water bowls for the discriminating dog of a collector. They are very easy to take from the refrigerator or oven right to the table. They come with a 5 year chip free guarentee but I double you will every need to use it. The scarlet color is dynamite and there are a lot of other pieces you can get to match it. The color works well with several others like Cobalt so you can mix and match. You can run it through the dishwasher several times a week and not worry about the color fading. Larger than the 1 Quart serving bowl from Fiesta, you will need to have a couple of these to fill out your table.

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