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Fiesta 12-Inch by 5-3/4-Inch Bread Tray in Scarlet

Posted on September 09, 2011 by FiestaFan

Fiesta 12-Inch by 5-3/4-Inch Bread Tray, ScarletFiesta 12-Inch X 5-3/4-Inch Bread Tray manufactured by The Homer Laughlin China Company. When breaking bread with company in your home, what could be better than serving the bread on a Scarlet Fiesta Bread Tray? Bread trays were made famous at the Last Supper way back when "breaking bread" with people was really important.

This bread tray brings a touch of class to any table. Could be used with either a semi-formal or casual table setting. Holds a variety of bead sizes and any type of bread will work. The scarlet color goes with other Fiesta colors like Cobalt and Black. Twelve inches is a perfect size to serve a loaf of bread while not taking over the space on the table. Transform your table with the Fiesta Bread Tray in Scarlet. Available at department stores that carry Homer Lauglin China, retail price is usually $16.99. The Fiesta bread tray is microwave and freezer safe.

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