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Fiestaware History

Posted on November 05, 2012 by FiestaFan

Knowing discount Fiestaware requires knowing a bit about the history of Fiesta. Fiestaware is and always has been made by Homer Laughlin China Company. The company began as a two-kiln pottery in East Liverpool, Ohio in 1873. Homer Laughlin and his brother, Shakespeare, founded the company and called it the Ohio Valley Pottery company. Later, they renamed it to Laughlin Bros. Pottery.

Fiesta 20-Piece, Service for 4 Set in Scarlet

Posted on August 30, 2011 by FiestaFan

Fiesta 20-Piece Service for 4 Dinnerware Set. This five-piece place setting from Fiestaware consists of a dinner plate, salad plate, 19 oz cereal bowl, 7.75-ounce cup, and saucer. The cup is just under 3 inches tall. The dinner plat is 10.5″ diameter and 15/16ths” depth; The salad bowl is 7.25″ diameter and 3/4″ depth. The […]

Homer Laughlin Bowl Spinning Video

Posted on August 07, 2011 by FiestaFan

Homer Laughlin bowl spinning video. Another great little video from the Homer Laughlin Factory showing the clay being spun into a bowl. From Derik J Green, that took the video “In this video clip, you can see the cake of clay transformed into a bowl. The bowl takes shape quickly, so watch close.”

Homer Laughlin China Production Video

Posted on August 07, 2011 by FiestaFan

This is unreal. I don’t know if they have always had this video, or just found it, but here is a 1930’s video of Homer Laughlin China production. The quality isn’t perfect, but for a production video from the 1930’s it is great. Watch and be amazed!

Homer Laughlin Factory Video

Posted on August 07, 2011 by FiestaFan

We all can’t visit the Homer Laughlin Factory itself, but here is a video I found that is made from several pictures someone took while visiting. It is the next best thing to going yourself.

Fiestaware Casuals

Posted on January 01, 2011 by FiestaFan

Collectors, There were two Fiestaware Casual designs introduced in June 1962. Both designs are relatively hard to find since they were discontinued around 1968. The Hawaiian 12-Point Daisy design featured a 1/2″ turquoise band on the rim and turquoise daises with brown centers on a white background. The second design was a Yellow Carnation which […]

1941 Fiestaware Gnome

Posted on May 20, 2010 by FiestaFan

I was watching the season finale of the TV show “Bones” tonight (May 20th, 2010) and a murder revolved around a 1941 Fiestaware Gnome. Someone had posted on a fiestaware forum that it was purchased for $12 but worth $50,000!! The gnome was rare because of its big pointed hat that was painted with radioactive […]

Fiestaware Identification: Vintage or New?

Posted on May 18, 2010 by FiestaFan

Fiestaware Identification: Vintage or New? Dating dinnerware, pottery and china from Homer Laughlin”s Fiesta line (often referred to simply as “Fiestaware”), can be quite tricky. In fact, dating Fiesta is the number one topic that was brought up by readers and commenters over at Discount before the site was taken down.. Identifying whether any […]

Where to Sell Vintage Fiestaware

Posted on May 17, 2010 by FiestaFan

Now that you have purchased, collected, and valued your vintage Fiestaware, you may be wondering where you can sell it for a tidy profit. Even though there are many Fiestaware collectors out there, finding one of them may be harder than you think. Still, there are a couple of ways that you can sell your […]

Where to Buy Vintage Fiestaware

Posted on May 17, 2010 by FiestaFan

Buying authentic vintage Fiestaware can be tricky. While there are a lot of good and reputable retailers out there, some of them are not as honest as you’d like them to be. When searching for vintage Fiestaware, it helps to do a bit of prep work in advance. Once you know all about Fiestaware, you can […]

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